Colony Drop – Brace For Impact LP


1. Colony Drop (Brace For Impact)
2. Remade
3. Stand Against the World
4. Supplicant
5. The Clockwork Grip
6. Heartfelt
7. Heartwrench
8. Patient Xero
9. The Guillotine
10. Fantasize the Beast
11. (MS-07) The Gouf

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12″ LP on Translucent Red vinyl. Exclusive variant for Wise Blood Records. Limited to 100 copies. Blue variant available from Nameless Grave Records.

SHIPPING: Expected to ship in early September 2023.

A screaming comes across the sky: Brace for Impact, the shredding debut album by Seattle, WA crossover thrashers Colony Drop. United in rebellion in the seedy underbelly of a technological megalopolis, the quintet strike like an assassin’s blade—with speed, precision, and style. Written in hermetic seclusion with pugilistic discipline, Brace for Impact is a testament to the songwriting-first ethos that made metal great in the first place: catchy riffs, vocal hooks, blistering solos, no bullshit.

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Colony Drop