Bloodletter – A Different Kind of Hell MC


1. The Howling Dead
2. Blood is Life
3. Bound & Ravaged
4. From Hell They Came
5. The Last Tomb
6. His Will Be Done
7. Obsidian Offering
8. To Darkness Damned
9. Lord of Pain
10. What Lies Beneath
11. Flesh Turned to Ash

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Melodic Thrash Metal from Chicago, USA. Harmonies hotter than a burning chvrch. Thrash for fans of Melodeath and blackened speed.

Limited edition cassette tape with a stunning full-color label on a Blood-Red shell. Full-color 5-panel J-card.

Limited to 100 copies.

SHIPPING: Expected to ship in the USA in late July. Expected to ship outside the USA by early August 2023.

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