Graveripper – Radiated Remains CD


1. Instinctive Extinction
2. Atoms Divide
3. All Life Decays
4. Cherenkov Light
5. Complete Blinding Darkness
6. King Killer

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Formed in Indiana in 2018, Graveripper worship German thrash as well as early Norwegian black metal.

Add in some rollicking black ‘n’ roll and you’re dangerously close to the arsenal of riffs Graveripper flexes on their upcoming EP, “Radiated Remains.” The EP was mixed by Carl Byers (ex-Coffinworm) before it was mastered to maximum lethality by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind (who mastered albums by Power Trip, Uada, and Midnight).

“We’ve described ourselves as if Exodus and Kreator had a kid and Immortal babysat frequently,” founding vocalist/guitarist Corey Parks quips.

“We’ve received comparisons to Venom, Toxic Holocaust, and Skeletonwitch, which I can see. I think there is a lot of Midnight in there, and bands like Bonehunter, Bewitcher, all that.”

“Radiated Remains” will alter your molecular structure when it’s released on June 4th.

As a special bonus, Graveripper will add their blistering three-track “Complete Blinding Darkness” demo to the first limited edition run of CDs and Cassettes through Wise Blood Records.

Consider the EP a warning siren, because Graveripper will turn your summer into a nuclear winter.

Press play and let the white-hot atomic fury of Radiated Remains disintegrate your spine.

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