Mother of Graves – Where the Shadows Adorn LP


2nd edition on colored vinyl is estimated to ship in December.


1) Where the Shadows Adorn
2) Rain
3) Tears Like Wine
4) The Emptiness of Eyes
5) Of Solitude and Stone
6) The Crown
7) Ghost in the Twilight
8) The Caliginous Voice

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Limited edition 12″ record on Heavy 180g black vinyl to 200 copies.

Limited edition 12″ record on Heavy 180g vinyl.

“Chaos Color” vinyl using eco-friendly recycled ink, which means each vinyl’s color is random and totally one of a kind.

Stunning gatefold artwork by Paolo Girardi.

Full-color two-sided insert and labels.

Wise Blood Records presents the debut LP from Indianapolis Melodic Death/Doom eulogists MOTHER OF GRAVES.

“Where the Shadows Adorn” is a masterpiece of crushing darkness, crestfallen melodies, and woeful poetry growled by vocalist Brandon Howe. After mastering the band’s “In Somber Dreams” EP, death metal legend Dan Swanö returns to polish this album to grim perfection. Paolo Girardi’s masterful cover painting captures the album’s harrowing and otherwordly beauty.

For fans of early Katatonia, ’90s Peaceville doom, Edge of Sanity, and Rapture.

Out October 14th on Vinyl, CD, Cassette, and Digital.

“If this isn’t the underground feel-bad hit of the autumn then I don’t know what is.” – Wonderbox Metal

“Where the Shadows Adorn is an instant classic…this will have you drenched to the bone in solemn atmosphere, mournful melodies, introspective interludes, and massive riffs.” – Deaf Forever

“I was waiting for the rain and for the sun to be blotted out of the sky as soon as I started this.” – Necrotic Nick, Thralls of Metal

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