Nattmaran & Terror Cross – Rise of the Nightmare Terror CD


1) Nattmaran – Savage Urges (Feat. Hellripper’s James McBain)
2) Nattmaran – Erupting in Violence
3) Nattmaran – Burning Heat
4) Nattmaran – Punished By Death
5) Nattmaran – In Conspiracy With Satan (Bathory cover)
6) Terror Cross – Mordor
7) Terror Cross – Fornication and Murder
8) Terror Cross – Metal Bloody Metal
9) Terror Cross – Sexual
10) Terror Cross – Gloves of Metal (Manowar cover)

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Jewel Case CD with a full-color 6-panel insert featuring diabolical cover art by Eye_Dust. Wise Blood Records and Ironbound Records present “Rise of the Nightmare Terror,” a sick & savage split featuring Nattmaran and Terror Cross. Their unholy alliance is a headbanging hellride for fans of ’80s thrash, blackened punk, dungeon metal, and riffs of steel. Each band contributes 4 new songs plus a cover. Nattmaran opts for Bathory’s necro opus “In Conspiracy with Satan.” The deviants in Finnish trio Terror Cross counter with a scuzzy rendition of Manowar’s “Gloves of Metal.” Blast back to 1984 with this dirty double-threat of hellish heavy metal.

Available on CD, Cassette, and digital. Artwork courtesy of Eye_Dust.

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