Vicious Blade / Blasted Heath / The Gauntlet / Bastard Cröss – Faster Than the Devil 2 – LP


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1. Vicious Blade – Scorched
2. Vicious Blade – Martyr
3. Vicious Blade – Venom & Grit
4. Blasted Heath – Refuse to Die
5. Blasted Heath – There are Four Lights
6. Blasted Heath – Spiraling (Crossing the Event Horizon)
7. The Gauntlet – The Labyrinth
8. The Gauntlet – Screaming Steel
9. The Gauntlet – Rest in Fire
10. Bastard Cröss – Nocturnal Ecstasy
11. Bastard Cröss – Whores and Exes
12. Bastard Cröss – Beasts of the Night

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In 2022, Wise Blood celebrated fast and filthy heavy metal with a four-band split called Faster Than the Fucking Devil. With the intention of turning that split into an annual series, Faster Than the Devil 2 is a savage sequel featuring music from four more of the underground’s nastiest thrashers.

12″ LP on 180g heavy vinyl. First Edition of a maximum of 2 pressings. The Chaos Color blends random recycled eco-mix inks for one of a kind records with unpredictable results. We can not guarantee the color or design.

Limited to 400 copies. Comes with a full-color 2-sided insert and label.

Weight 1.00 lbs

Bastard Cröss, Blasted Heath, The Gauntlet, Vicious Blade